Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ultrarunner of the Year

The results are in! The annual voting for Ultrarunner of the Year has wrapped up and half of the staff here at Rogue Valley Runners have found their way onto the lists.

Ultrarunning Magazine holds the voting at the end of each calendar year. Using a panel of twenty anonymous voters spread across North America all results from 2008 are complied, analyzed, scrutinized and voted upon. Ultrarunner of the Year and Performance of the Year are considered in both an open category and age group category (over 50).

After the votes were tallied, Rogue Valley Runner employee Kyle Skaggs found himself in the runner-up position for Ultrarunner of the Year (missing first by a mere three votes) and first in the Performance of the Year category. Kyle's win and course record at Colorado's Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run pushed him to the top in both categories.

New store employee Tony Krupicka found himself sitting at number four in the voting for Ultrarunner of the Year. Tony's wins at Moab's Red Hot 50K (tie with Kyle), Zane Grey 50 Miler, American River 50 Miler (also received points for Performance of the Year) and Dogwood 50K (three way tie with Kyle) threw votes his way.

Rogue Valley Runners' owner Hal Koerner found himself poised at number seven for Ultrarunner of the Year. Hal's big wins at the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run and at the Dick Collins Fire Trails 50 Mile Run scored points with the judges.

Missing the top ten for Ultrarunner of the Year by one spot, RVR employee Erik Skaggs still came away with a fifth place showing in the Performance of the Year category. Erik's win and course record at the Quad Dipsea put him there.

We'd also like to congratulate fellow Ashlander and running partner, Jenn Shelton for receiving votes for both Ultrarunner of the Year and Performance of the Year on the women's side.

On a personal note, we are disappointed to see that Central Point's Neil Olsen's Where's Waldo USA Track and Field National 100 Kilometer Trail Championship win and course record was neglected by all the voters.

Check out the full results and write-up here while the other fifty percent of us here at RVR try and catch-up!


Neil said...

Congrats Kyle, Tony, Hal, Eric, and Jen on well-deserved recognition of great performances! And thanks for the shout-out in the blog. If these lists were our only motivation, it would be an empty exercise. We all win when we find greater strength and endurance within ourselves. And I'll always treasure my Golden Toe! (thanks Rob and John)

Rennaker said...

Good work people! To Bill Brasky!!

Tammy said...

Congratulations to all of you! These are amazing accomplishments.