Monday, August 11, 2008

Crater Lake Marathon

She's been recently quoted as saying something along these lines, "I'm outta shape. I'm not as fast as I used to be." Though these self-proclaimed accusations may be true to some degree in her own mind; she's still got spunk, talent, speed and desire. This past weekend Ashland, Oregon's Jenn Shelton rocked the Crater Lake Marathon. She won the woman's race, placed 6th overall and set a new ladies course record. She blazed the course in 3:15:01, more than three minutes faster than any other woman has before. Not too shabby for an "outta shape and slow" runner. Congratulations on some awesome running Jenn! Want to know more about Jenn? Pick up the September 2008 issue of Runner's World. She's featured in a short profile along with a couple of good pictures.

In the men's race Talent, Oregon's Todd Ragsdale (2006's Crater Lake Marathon winner and 2007's runner-up) was the bride's maid for the second year in a row. Running a 2:57:06, faster than any of his pervious years, Todd placed second to Bend's Sean Meissner. Meissner won the race in 2:55:47.

A full article and results can be found here at the Mailtribune.

The racers with smiles. (left to right) Todd Ragsdale, Jenn Shelton, Sean Meissner


Rennaker said...

Hey RVR,
I think that Sean's and Todd's times are an hour off what is typed in here..

Good job guys and gal!

Rogue Valley Runners said...

Corrected. Thanks Ren.

Todd said...

What happened to the slow Sean Meissner I was expecting to roll over at Crater? That boy must be training or something. Congrats to Jenn of course. As I told her, "It must be nice to get so much for trying so little, when I got so little for trying so hard." You should see the awesome engraved tankard she got for winning! WOW! I am jealous. It was a fun trip.

saschasdad said...

Yeah, Todd, the curse of central Oregon continues for you. Don't you remember, though - you got the first drink from my "awesome engraved tankard"! I'd say that's a pretty good prize. Work on those climbing legs, then I expect to see you and the rest of the RVR gang on Sept. 14.

Hart said...

well run shelton and meissner. can't believe sean made it through a whole race without puking.

vishus said...

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Michelle said...

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