Saturday, February 09, 2008



Here it is folks!  Finally, Rogue Valley Runners is proud to present our first organized foot race.  The Tar 'N Trail is a USA Track and Field sanctioned event.  The course will pit runners against some of the best trails and roads Ashland has to offer.  Run through Ashland's park jewel, Lithia Park, ascend the steep Granite Street Trail steps and hill to the narrow and windy Ditch Trail.  After grabbing some water at the half-way mark ascend further up Hald-Strawberry Park hill and Hitt Road.  Then start your downhill run to the finish while taking in the expansive views of the Rogue Valley below.

Course Description
The race will start at the Winburn Way Bridge west of The Plaza in downtown Ashland and head into the park over the bridge, then onto the wood chipped trail on the east side of Ashland Creek.  Continue all the way to where the trail becomes a dirt single track and switchbacks up to and past the water tower and Swim Reservoir Park to Granite Street. The race course will take a right on Granite Street descend to and then up the stairs on the Granite Street Trail to the TID Ditch Trail. Once on the TID Ditch Trail the course will continue to Ditch Road and to Hald-Strawberry Park’s trails. The course will proceed up the switchbacks in the park and stay to the left (cross Strawberry Lane a second time) to Hitt Rd. Up the paved Hitt Rd to the dirt single track Bird Song Trail.  Down Bird Song Trail to Bird Song Lane.  Take a left on Strawberry Lane and down Westwood Street to the dirt connector trail and footbridge with Sunnyview Street. Down Sunnyview Street to Grandview Drive. From Grandview take a right onto Scenic Drive, then a left on Church Street. Descend steeply on Church Street and take a right on High Street, cross Granite Street to the stairs into Lithia Park. At the finish, runners will re-enter the park at that stairway at the end of High Street, pass the bathrooms on the wood chipped trail on the west side of Ashland Creek and finish near the start on Winburn Way.

Here is a course visual (click on the image to enlarge):

Here is a Entry Form and more information(click on the image to enlarge):
We hope to see you out there!


Robert said...

Hal - I know those routes well. Quite cool that you made a race out of it. Not too much elevation gain or drop ;) I'll be there, but make Skaggs work that day or at least get him really drunk the night before. And since you're the race director it's probably not a good idea for you to run also:)

Bob J.

Todd said...

Watch out Bob, without a river crossing to slow John down he might catch you! Awesome race course! Should be fun.....

Chris said...

We'll probably run the course this Wednesday on the group run. So come out and test run this challenging course.

Blake said...

I would LOVE to run this, but its on a SUNDAY, which i cant run on, PLEASE look for races not on a sunday, THANX!

Kate said...

I live in the vicinity of this run and I found the early morning screaming of the side-liners to be very disturbing. If you are going to run through residential areas, have a little consideration for the people who live there. The narcissism and rudeness cheerleading screamers was very unpleasant. They seem to think it's funny to upset the neighborhood. Well - as a result, this neighbor will object as strenuously as possible to future runs through our quiet area. There is no need whatsoever for allthe screaming.

vishus said...

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