Thursday, January 03, 2008

Koerner and Skaggs Featured in February 2008 TrailRunner

Pick up the latest TrailRunner Magazine (Feb 2008, Issue 50)!!! Why, you ask? A few of the Rogue Valley's top ultrarunners are featured.

Erik Skaggs, a new employee to Ashland's Rogue Valley Runners, is mentioned in two stories. On page TS-30, in an article about the La Luz 9 Mile Trail Race and Simon Gutierrez, Erik is briefly mentioned in having pushed Gutierrez to the finish. Erik's recent accomplishments are further described in the story beginning on pages 54-55 about the San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Trail Run. Photos of Erik and his brother, Kyle, can be found there too.

On page 10, an article can be found that discusses American runner's experience at France's Ultra-Trail Tour du Mont Blanc, a 100-mile trail race that circumnavigates the Alps. In this story, Hal Koerner, the owner of Rogue Valley Runners, is cited several times as to his own experience with the race on foreign soil.

This issue is available at Rogue Valley Runners now. Stop in and take a gander, I'm sure Erik or Hal would be available to sign a copy for you.

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