Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Question #437; How long does it take to recover from one of those things?

By now I think I have begun to ask myself that same question. And does that time account for set backs due to excessive celebration. Obviously the answer to the question matters much less now that I am able to write this while looking at my new bronze cougar.
While laying in my hotel room the night after crossing the finishing line it really didn't surprise me that I had just run 16:12, and that for the most part I had felt "on point" for the entire course. I had run the course 5 times before, pretty much all at a win at all costs pace. I had felt the pain of finishing 20 plus hundred miler's with a top 3 spot "in mind." I was unbelievably rested but impossibly not too rested. And last but not least, a little overlooked.
I've told the story a few times in the last week that my longest run in the 5 weeks preceding WS was the Silver State 50k, which everyone know is more like 34 miles. In the remaining weeks leading up to the run I flew through a 17 miler on the Monterrey coast(road) and ran another 17 miler two days later to the top of Mt. Ashland. I also had hiked a 5 hour tour of the Siskiyou Wilderness with Carly that undoubtedly helped by keeping me on my feet but not by tiring me out. This was probably the smartest tapering I had ever scheduled. I'll let you know that my work schedule at the store leading into the busy summer months played no part in my running frequency.

Back to the race

Heading up to Emigrant pass felt like an every day run up terrace street and onto my favorite trails, only the temp was suuuuper cool. I was happy to run with my friend Mark Godale, who's running I truly admire, up the hill and with whom I was able to laugh off the ominous and serious task at hand. How amazing it was that he would be the only competitor I would run with all day.
By Red Star Ridge I was just completely amazed that the sun was not tapping on my shoulder's anymore than I was able to shrug off with out a second thought. I had also put on my tunes and was enveloped in another world, one that reminded me of a peaceful training day in the High Sierra, far away from the 400 pounding footsteps following closely behind me.

So here's that Playlist AJW!

1. John Butler Trio, Grand Nationale
2. Citizen Cope, Every Waking Moment
3. Michael Franti, Yell Fire
4. Kings of Leon, Because of the Times ( and more )
5. Modest Mouse, Good news for people who love Bad news
6. Various artisits, Kayne West, Pete Yorn, Built to Spill, Hendrix, J Mayer (Belief)

Ok, so off that first album up there I believe I put 8 minutes on the field over to duncan canyon. Like not drinking coffee for two weeks before a race I was rationing my JBT.

That being said, it was certainly more glorious to take off the tunes leading into Forest Hill to hear the encouragement of my pacer Krissy Moehl and later on at Green Gate Scott Hajicek.

to be continued........................


Bob - said...

Hey Hal, just wanted to say CONGRATS...I just found ur blog.

What a great race!! and so cool ur parents are involved in ur Ultra Events and way to reward them with a WS100 victory:-)

NILL said...

Hal Congratulations again on your Western States win! It was really nice seeing you out there and cheering you on.

I just wanted to thank you for listing your playlist during WS and for turning me on to the John Butler Trio. GREAT band!

Hope the rest of your summer is wonderful!