Friday, December 22, 2006

Bowling for, well, Runners.

The first annual Rogue Valley Runners Christmas Challenge got started on the wrong foot Tuesday night at Roxy Ann Lanes thanks in large part to a lack of focus and numerous "running" injuries. The first game was a battle of the sexes as Ron "Ronaldino" Kleiman pinched bowled his way out of retirement to lead all scorers with a 170 point gem. Not to be out done "Carlita" Varner managed to pull the ladies within earshot but it was the antics of her fellow teammates "slowball" Langford and Darcy "can we use bumpers" Kleiman that surely lead to their demise. However, game two saw a miraculous comeback as ladies flaunted their win in the face of Jeremiah "jer bear" Lewmans strong showing for the men and Ronaldinos closing turkey (3 strikes in the last frame)! Hal "El Jefe" Koerner and Nick "Guero" David rounded out the scoring, or was it dropped the bottom out of the average I don't know! I'm sure we wont find any of them spinning on the parkay until this time next year, Amen!

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